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FREE Trial Issue of Men's Health 18
Introducing MH-18: the magazine for teen guys from the editors of MEN'S HEALTH. It's packed with everything a high school guy's gotta know: HOW TO ask her out and where to take her; BULK UP and make the team; ACE your exams and get into the college of your dreams. PLUS tons more stuff to make the high school years a blast. U.S. Only.

Surf The Web at Lighting Speed - Free Download!
Suffering from a SLOoooow dial up connection? You need NetSonic. This FREE software download stores your favorite Web pages in it's own special cache. When you revisit a site, instead of waiting for text and images to download, they pop up instantly. Bottom line...you surf the Web up to 30% faster! Stop pulling your hair out over a Dog Slow connection. Get the NetSonic FREE download today!

World Of Free Games
Attention all game junkies! Visit this excellent new resource the serves up a database of over 400 reviews to the best FREE games available on-line. The site also offers the latest news on FREE gaming, message boards, chat, patches, previews and loads of links to other gaming sites.

Free Wedding Guide on CD-ROM!
Planning the perfect wedding is exciting. It also requires hard work and attention to every detail. Your FREE Wedding Guide will provide you with the resources and tips you need to plan the wedding of your dreams. Fill out their form and get a FREE Wedding Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

FastWeb - Free Scholarship Search
Need money for college? FastWeb is the largest FREE scholarship search on the Internet, with more than 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion. Get accurate, updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships, all at absolutely no cost. And FastWeb is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the E-Scholarship program. Sign up for FREE now!

Arcade Outpost - Free Online Games
A free online gaming directory that has over 450 free online games, with titles ranging from action to strategy. If you like gaming - you will love Arcade Outpost!

Free Internet Photo From Your Monitor Prank
Want to play a little harmless...but hilarious joke on some of your friends? Check out this site and pass it along to them. Here's the prank info...see if you can figure out the ruse. "FREE Internet Photo. Have your picture taken through your computer monitor! This is still in beta testing mode so the quality is not guaranteed, but it's TOTALLY FREE!".

BMG Music Service Online - FREE CD!
What's better than having the latest CD's from chart topping artists? When you get those CD's for FREE. Choose your free CD now from the BMG Music Service Online. And, when you join BMG Music Service Online, you'll receive 9 additional CD's free.

KidsBookshelf - Free Games For Kids
The KidsBookshelf is a great site for Kids and Teachers to have fun on! They currently offer 15 FREE on-line games that are both challenging and fun. Choose from arcade favorites like Asteroids, Breakout, Pac Man and Tetris...or if you're looking for mental stimulation, check out Mastermind, Maze 3D or Word Search!

Flip Album" - Free Digital Organizer for Your PC!
Flip Album gives you the opportunity to store pictures of your FAMILY digitally. A timeless treasure for generations to come, and all with just a click of the mouse! Download Flip Album for FREE today!

Tools For A Happier Life
Excellent site for information on depression and how to combat it. If you're a little down in the dumps, a visit to Tools For A Better Life maybe just what the doctor ordered. Lots of cool freebies here too like thought provoking desktop wallpaper and more!

Freetown is a free, popular and fast growing virtual community site on the Web. They offer *Freetown citizens 15mb's of Web space and on-line tools to create it. As with any good virtual community, chatting is one of the main features and Freetown has done an admiral job in this category. Their chat rooms are divided into neighborhood's that include subject interest headings. Freetown is one of the cleaner chat services we've seen and they try and keep tabs on offenders by enlisting volunteers they call "Freetown Cops" from their citizen member base. All in all this is a nice independent virtual world and chatting service and worth your time to check out.

Quest for Yap - Free On-line Game
Quest for Yap is a FREE online space strategy webgame that involves trading, diplomacy and conflict. Features include a quest for the near-mythical Planet Yap.

100's of Family & Kid Freebies on FreeShop!
Looking for the very BEST the the Web has to offer in FREE Stuff for Families & Kids? FreeShop has 100's of FREE offers to choose from like Educational Software, Games, Magazines, Services and more!

Hey game junkies...Listen up! This site offers an extensive FREE archive of over 11,000 game Cheats, Tips, Hints & Walkthroughs for Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Play Station, Game Boy and more!

Free Film Developing at PhotoWorks.
Everybody loves pictures! Now you can share yours with friends and family from all over the world. Send your finished roll of film to PHOTOWORKS.COM, along with your free processing certificate. You'll receive a link, via email, to your photos, plus a full set of 3.5 x 5 ' or 4 x 6' prints and free email sharing. Send your friends and family the link and everyone can view your pictures. What a great way to keep in touch! Order today!

This site rocks! It has just about everything a teen could ask for including tons of cool freebie offers geared to your age group and a hip newsletter to boot. There are cool sections on Advice, Beauty, College, Entertainment, Horoscopes, Health Issues, Pets, Poetry, Games, Chat Rooms, Jokes, Sports, Trivia, Spiritual and tons more. In fact Teen.com is the most content rich site dedicated to teens we've ever seen.

WIN prizes by entering the Poetry Contest.
The International Library of Poetry will award 250 prizes totaling $58,000.00 to amateur poets in the coming months. Anyone can enter the competition simply by submitting ONLY ONE original poem, 20 lines or less, any subject, any style. All poets who enter will receive a response concerning their artistry within seven weeks.

Christian Youth Chat
Here's a relatively new site dedicated to Christian content for teens. It also includes a chat room.

Classic Game Remakes
Are you a game junkie? Do you long for the old Classics in gaming? Here's a great site that offers Classic arcade and computer games that have been remade (not emulated) and distributed as freeware. Some are identical clones of the original, while others are enhanced.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Hey Kids, do you need free help with homework assignments or research projects for school? This is a great kids free homework reference site. Loads of great reference links for almost every school subject.

123 Poetry - Free Contest
Enter this sites FREE Poetry Contest with a monthly first prize of $500.00.  Entering is as easy as 123.

How Stuff Works
This is a wonderful free information site. How Stuff Works is the epitome of the cliche "Inquiring Minds Want To Know". If you've ever wondered how an engine works or a refrigerator or lawnmower or a ....., well you get the picture, you have to visit this site. Learn how just about anything works on this site. All information is offered with well written, easy to read text and illustrations!

FREE Entertainment Newsletters
Subscribe to any of the Entertainment Newsletters on ListShare.com and get a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Football Party On The Planet or a Sony Big Screen TV!!

FREE Fun&Games Newsletters
Subscribe to any of the Fun & Games Newsletters on ListShare.com and get a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Football Party On The Planet or a Sony Big Screen TV!!

FREE Greeting Cards Newsletters
Subscribe to any of the Greeting Cards Newsletters on ListShare.com and get a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Football Party On The Planet or a Sony Big Screen TV!!

SendmeCD.com - Free Music Promotional CD-ROM  
Fill out their form and get a FREE CD-ROM complete with an exclusive interview with Iron Maiden and Halford track preview.

Always Sports Themes
Visit this well done site for the Web's largest collection of Free sport related desktop themes, wallpaper, screensavers, skins and more!

Hollywood Records - Free Stickers  
Sign up to receive their FREE newsletter and choose from 6 different sticker offers.

Linkin Park - Free Music CD
Linkin Park is a remarkable integration of rock and rap music. Fill out their form and get a FREE CD of their single "One Step Closer" while supplies last. U.S. and Canada Only.

Here's an outstanding FREE recourse for the knowledge hungry freebie hunter! This site offers links and reviews to 100's of the BEST totally free Tutorials, Instructional Guides and Informational Websites on the Internet. All material is scrutinized to ensure it's family safe, so moms, the kids will enjoy this site too! WannaLearn's bank of learning information covers virtually every subject and area of interest. Pardon the play on words, but if you wanna learn about anything for FREE, this is a MUST visit site.

Dynamite site for Christian teens, Christianteens.net has everything from Bible to music chats to a great YouthSearch service. (a search engine devoted to youth).

FREE Hobbies Newsletters
Subscribe to any of the Hobbies Newsletters on ListShare.com and get a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Football Party On The Planet or a Sony Big Screen TV!!

FREE Humor Newsletters
Subscribe to any of the Humor Newsletters on ListShare.com and get a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Football Party On The Planet or a Sony Big Screen TV!!

On Chat
Are you looking for something different in a chatting service? This site definitely fits the bill. OnChat is a free graphical chat community where like traditional chat, you can meet people and make friends, join a discussion or create your own. But that's where the similarities stop. Graphical chat adds a new dimension to traditional chat in that the experience is much more visual. Chat rooms are pictures, not text. A small graphic, called an avatar, represents each user and the chat room is actually a graphic scene that you set up. We likened it to chatting from inside a virtual comic book. Each room member has there own custom avatar character and when you type to chat, it shows up in a comic book like word bubble next to the character. It all boils down to a very innovative and very cool chatting experience.

PC Gaming Palace
Here's a cool games site that has a lot to offer in the way of free information, codes & cheats, demos, patches, featured games and tons of links. The site has a slick looking  layout and and it's content is updated on a regular basis.

1-On-1 Basketball
If you like basketball or game simulations, your gonna love this site. 1-On-1 Basketball is a unique free on-line game. They have over 5000 current players that compete weekly on their virtual courts. There are 11 player leagues, 2 weekly tournaments and Player -vs- Player challenge matches! 1-On-1 Basketball has received numerous awards on their Unique gaming system.

Do you like to listen to music while you surf for freebies? Now you can do just that by visiting this excellent new site. i-DISC.COM is one of the coolest free on-line music sites we've visited to date. These are NOT wav or Midi files but real CD quality music tracks from top name artists. The music is digitally mastered and downloads so fast and with such great quality that you'll think your listening to your CD player!
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