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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Here's government freebies to the tenth power! The U.S. Government has a Web site called The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (C.F.D.A.). This on-line catalog lists almost every government public assistance and incentive grant program available. However, the best part is that it also tells you in plain English what the programs are for, who they're for, what it takes to be eligible, how much money is allocated to the agency managing the program and (most importantly), who to contact to apply for a grant.

As if that wasn't good enough, to make things even easier, all the above information is searchable on the site by using a keyword search utility located at the bottom of the welcome page. Just plug in the information you're looking for and their search engine finds links to details on programs relevant to that subject. Here's an example. We typed in "women starting a business" and got 300 links back on 10 query results pages. (Each link takes you to an information page with complete details on the specific grant or program. The search utility is fast, easy to operate and very accurate.

The bottom line here is that the government has provided a free resource to access information on just about any federal grant program. However, as with any data resource, you must spend the time to do the research to find what you want. Good luck!

HHS Families and Children As opposed to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance which is nothing more than a flat file database of links to information on federal program grant funding, this government site lists links that take you right to the managing agency's web site.

This is not a comprehensive guide but rather a gateway to many other resources you will find within the government's web pages." The site makes finding the correct agency to apply for grants easy because they list the programs in categories and then break them down by agency into sub categories.

Categories include Education, Employment and Training, Finances, Housing, Family Support, Food and Nutrition, Health, Public Safety and Cost Cutting Incentives. Each sub category takes you to the managing agencies Web site. There you get details on the grant programs along with application information direct from the horses mouth so to speak. In addition to details on grants, this site offers a wealth of other free information resources for a particular area of interest plus a special section for kids.

If you're looking for anything having even remotely to do with the U.S. Government, FirstGov should be your FIRST stop (pardon the play on words). The site was three years in the making and is a powerhouse of government info and resources. It incorporates a fairly accurate search utility so finding exactly what you're looking for in most cases is a snap.

The Small Business Administration
PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY! The Small Business Administration offers much more than just loans to start a business.

Many of you are aware that the SBA offers guaranteed loans to small business for may different reasons. But did you know that they also offer a huge amount of other valuable free services like software, detailed market analysis, help in writing your business plan, a huge on-line business library, a business card listing service, new services for women and minorities and links to more free outside resources.

In a nut shell the SBA is the biggest and best free resource in the world for small business. The library alone has more good information regarding just about any type of business related matters you could think of then thousands of paid consultants put together.

If you're already in business or thinking of starting one, empower yourself with this excellent free government resource.

Girl Power
A funded program of the Governments Health and Human Services Department, the Girl Power Campaign was designed to empower girls ages 8 - 14 to be the best they can be. Here girls can apply for really cool freebies like, huge full color Dominique Dawes Posters, Buttons, Stickers, Key Straps, Book Covers, Dairies and more, all with the Girl Power logo and message. All of the freebies are made of first class materials and really hip looking. Don't miss out on this one as these items are super cool!

SmokeFree.gov - Free U.S. Women's Soccer Team Poster
Take their smoking survey and get a FREE poster. U.S. Only.

American Center For Law & Justice - Free Copy of Constitution
Write to them and request a FREE copy of the Constitution of the United States on Beautiful Parchment Paper. Write to: American Center For Law and Justice, P.O. Box 64429, Virginia Beach, VA 23467. U.S. Only.

Cool Boys ll Men Anti Smoking Poster
Get a free Boys ll Men poster from the Centers for Disease Control plus other information on the dangers of smoking.

Federal Consumer Information Center - Free Book
Fill out their form to get a FREE copy of the new 2001 Consumer Action Handbook. "The 144-page Handbook (formerly the Consumer's Resource Handbook) is full of helpful consumer tips for things like buying a car, financing a home, protecting your privacy, avoiding fraud and more!" U.S. Only.

United States Government Information
Want more information on government Web sites? look no further than this site which lists almost every government agency Web site known. Hey, when you visit, tell them to lower our taxes will you!

NCPC - Free Color Comic/Activity Book
Fill out their form and get a FREE "More Adventures with Scruff Comic Activity Book" The colorful comic/activity book continues the adventures of Scruff and helps children handle situations that involve guns, bullies, and drugs. U.S. Only.

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