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Computer Software

Taylor Made Software
Contains both Freeware and Shareware. Many games for chidren and adults alike. Internet and Windows utilities that should be used by all. Excellent Software. Get your free downloads today!

Game Finder
Any time can be playtime when you're a kid. So whether your child is looking to play indoors or outdoors, include 2 friends or 10, we've got more than 100 games they'll love.

Get Best-Selling Educational Software...JumpStart, Blaster, Disney, and more...Free, or nearly so, after rebate! Click Here!

Surf The Web at Lighting Speed - Free Download!
Suffering from a SLOoooow dial up connection? You need NetSonic. This FREE software download stores your favorite Web pages in it's own special cache. When you revisit a site, instead of waiting for text and images to download, they pop up instantly. Bottom line...you surf the Web up to 30% faster! Stop pulling your hair out over a Dog Slow connection. Get the NetSonic FREE download today!

Quicken - Free 60 Day Trial!
America's # 1 personal finance software! Quicken 2001 Deluxe helps you better manage the 7 key areas of your finances. Try it FREE for 60 days!

Freeware Files.com
Freeware Files.com is a huge, very well done free software site that has gained tremendous respect across the net. The site lists a super selection of the Webs best Freeware Programs, Drivers, Programming Tools and is completely categorized.

Keep Your PC Private! - Free Software Demo
This excellent software package helps keep you from getting caught surfing when you should be working! Plus, it keeps what you do on your PC private, hides windows instantly, clears your cache, cookies, history & more! In essence, it's a virtual Panic Button for your PC! Try a FREE DEMO today, and clean up your tracks!

Flip Album" - Free Digital Organizer for Your PC!
Flip Album gives you the opportunity to store pictures of your FAMILY digitally. A timeless treasure for generations to come, and all with just a click of the mouse! Download Flip Album for FREE today!

Free Home Guide on CD-ROM!
Buying and selling your home is both exciting and a little stressful. Your FREE Home Guide system will provide you with the information and resources you need to make your move a little bit easier and a lot more organized. Fill out their form and get a FREE Home Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Get $ 50.00 IN COUPONS when you Grab the Gator!
Tired of filling out forms? Tired of forgetting passwords? You need Gator! Gator is free software that does the typing for you. Gator eliminates frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Best of all, it's polite: When you hit a web page with a form or account name & password, Gator surfaces to provide the exact information with no typing! It takes only 3 minutes to download at 56K! Gator also comes with $50 in FREE COUPONS!

E-Book Systems - Download FREE Software - Get FREE Long Distance!!!
Store, remember and share all your treasured memories with Flip Album. It automatically creates cool, hassle-free page-flipping albums complete with thumbnails and index! Simply select a folder & a 3D book-like album with thumbnails will appear instantly! Download it today and get FREE long distance to boot!

Pass The Shareware
Looking for cool software for your computer? Ever heard the term "Try Before You Buy"? Well that's what the shareware concept is all about. It allows you to sample a computer program to see if you like it, before having to pay for it. Here's one of the very best shareware sites on the internet. The site lists an impressive array of super cool shareware programs in a professional looking, fast and easy to navigate categorized layout.

Agent Web Ranking
Tired of not knowing where your Web site ranks on search engines? Agent Web Ranking is an easy to use FREEWARE tool that queries up to 13 search engines to see how your site is ranked. It's has been awarded Tucows & Nonags top rating for downloadable freeware programs.

Fat Bills Windows 95/98/NT Freeware
A nicely done freebie software site with excellent load times and navigation. Fat Bill has selected only the freeware programs he feels are useful. All offers are broken down into categories ranging from Desktop to Utilities with sub categories on each main page. Offers have simple and to the point descriptions. A good site to find freeware especially if you're in a hurry.

Free Toddler Guide on CD-ROM!
Welcome to the excitement and tantrums of toddler life! Your FREE Toddler Guide will provide you with the resources you need to nurture your little one as you continue to grow and learn about the world together. Fill out their form and get a FREE Toddler Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Freeware Connection
Freeware Connection in our opinion is the KING of guides to Freeware sites. It offers the most extensive list of reviewed freeware links we've seen to date. All reviews are short, to the point and well written.

Tons of Free Software Deals on FreeShop!
Looking for the best FREE software deals on the 'Net? Look No further...FreeShop offers loads of great software freebies in just about every category you can image like Business, Gaming, Graphics, Webmaster and much more!

BuzMe - Free Internet Call Waiting & Voicemail!
Got the "one phone line" blues? Sick and tired of missing calls while you're online? You need BuzMe's FREE Internet Call Waiting & Voicemail! The service works flawlessly in the background to catch calls while you're surfing...stores them in a FREE voice mail account...and then Buzzes you without breaking your connection to let you know who called!

Free Baby Guide on CD-ROM!
Bringing a new life into the world is an amazing experience. It is also a time filled with questions. From conception through the first year, your FREE Baby Guide will provide you with the resources you need to prepare for the changes ahead. Fill out their form and get a FREE Baby Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Free Invenna Auction Software
Invenna AuctionAmigo automates the creation and posting of auctions to eBay, allowing you to spend more time managing your auction business and less time worrying about making great looking auctions that sell. Download Invenna AuctionAmigo Lister today for free and see what eBay sellers are buzzing about! Win 95, 98, NT or 2000 | 16 MB RAM, 20 MB disk space | Download Size: 5MB

UltraTech Laboratories - Free Software & More!
UltraTech Laboratories offers thousands of FREE software titles, and a growing array of many useful JavaScript tools and other developments!

gPhotoShow - Free Original Screen Saver
gPhotoShow is a 32 bit screen saver that turns your favorite image files into a unique personal Screen Saver slideshow, complete with transition effects. Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000 | Download size 484 KB.

Say I Do - Free Wedding Guide Planner CD  
Fill out their form and get a FREE wedding planner CD-ROM chocked full of ideas and help on planning for your big event!

Free Animated - Musical E-cards
Visit this Artist's site for FREE downloads of beautiful custom made animated - musical greeting cards. These are not just cheesy e-mail cards but rather original works of art. Note: must download and run from your computer.

Free Wedding Guide on CD-ROM!
Planning the perfect wedding is exciting. It also requires hard work and attention to every detail. Your FREE Wedding Guide will provide you with the resources and tips you need to plan the wedding of your dreams. Fill out their form and get a FREE Wedding Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Gold Files - Freeware Graphics & Games & Utilities
This site offers a collection of downloadable freeware graphics and games and utilities for Windows.

PhoneHog - FREE Long Distance
Imagine calling your friends, your family, anyone...and never having to pay a long distance bill again. Now you can with PhoneHog! Register with them for FREE...and they'll immediately e-mail you a FREE personal 10 min. calling card. Once you register, they'll e-mail you links to money saving offers and discounts geared just for you. Just check them out & they'll automatically reward you with more FREE calling time. There's no obligation and you never have to buy a thing to get your FREE time!

Outdoor Ventures - Free CD
Fill out their form and get a FREE Outdoor Ventures CD. U.S. Only.

the Personal Interactive Desktop
Download their FREE software that integrates your PC's desktop with the internet. They also offer FREE internet access and more.

Avalon - Free Role Playing Game Download
Avalon is a very COOL classic freeware role-playing game with a story in which you are destined to save humanity from extinction. Of course this is not an easy task, so you must defeat powerful creatures and solve some puzzles to achieve your goal. Download it FREE by clicking here!

SoomSoom - Free Software
SoomSoom is an amazing and easy-to-install FREE software that allows you to access anything on your computer by using Names and Subjects. SoomSoom will automatically list and preview every document, Web site, and e-mail associated with a Name or Subject so you can open it without having to search. Win 9x. Download size 6.0 MB

Planet3D - Free Software
FREE Very Cool 3D Visualization software and screensavers for Mars, Venus and Earth. Note: All the software on this site requires a fast computer.

Free Full Featured Office Software Suite
StarOffice is a FREE premium office productivity suite from Sun Microsystems" which runs native on all major operating environments including Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/95/98, Macintosh, and OS/2. It has a fully integrated set of powerful applications which provide word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentations, database access, HTML editor, mail/news reader, event planner, and formula editor. Free for individual non-commercial use. Click here to download StarOffice now.
Note: Win 9x, NT4 | Download size 64 mb.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment - Free CD 
Fill out their form and get a FREE X-Men CD-ROM loaded with X-tras! 13+ and U.S. Only.

Zone Labs - Free Personal Firewall Software
Attention DSL or Cable Users...Worried about all those nasty e-mail viruses floating around lately? How about the fear of someone hacking into your personal PC? As our wise old Grammy used to say "Protect Thy Self!" Now you can with "Zone Alarm" an outstanding FREE personal firewall software package from Zone Labs! Note: Look for "Free Download" link on left of page. Free for Personal or Non Profit use only. Sys Req. - Win 95/98/NT/2000. Download size 1.6 MB.

Cartoon Network
Just follow the instructions on their site to send a fax to your cable or satellite provider, and get a free enhanced CD from Boomerang with games as well as theme songs from your favorite classic cartoons!

Freehound is a well done site that specializes in Freeware. Categories include Graphics Programs, Internet Programs, Home & Business, Desktop Utilities, Audio Programs and much more.

Freeware Palace
This site offers up tons of great computer freebies including Games, Utilities, Internet Utilities, Screen Savers, Zip Tools and much more!

Freeware Plus
Here's a very well designed categorized freeware site loaded with free software goodies. Freeware Plus may not have the most extensive archive of freeware links, but there's a reason. The site only lists what they feel are high quality useful programs. How do they know their high quality? Because they test all of the software themselves!

Free Programs
Here's a very well designed freeware and more review site. Free Programs picks the best of the Internet in free programs and Websites and does a short, to the point review on them. The site is updated regularly with new reviews and also has a categorized archive of past listings.

One of the oldest, most well respected freeware and shareware sites on the Internet. Pigeons.net offers a collection of useful software, both freeware and shareware, for windows 95/98/NT. Offers range from simple drivers to full functioning programs.

Shell Extension City
Are you tired of fighting the way Windows 95/98 works. Wish you could make some changes to your Windows shell? Now you have a source for utilities that can do just that. Shell Extension City is a well done site that specializes in Windows shell extension utility freeware!

The very best coupon site on the Net! A few minutes at this site is all it takes to realize that Cool Savings is no ordinary coupon site. Cool Savings.com's no hassle interface allows you to easily print coupons on-line, right from your computer. But the best part of this excellent service is that membership is completely FREE! The site offers a bevy of coupon offers ranging from Software to Restaurants, all from well recognized companies you know and trust!

The tons of accolades magazine reviews and awards this site has received are for a good reason. It is one of the best FREE Coupon & Freebie Information sites on the net. Way over 10,000,000 accesses to The MyCoupons web site is proof that a lot of other people feel the same about the site. The site boasts among other things, 100's of FREE money saving coupons from well known Grocery and Restaurant retailers that are printable on-line, FREE 10 mb e-mail accounts, FREE Chat, Games, Points, Giveaways and more!

The tons of accolades magazine reviews and awards this site has received are for a good reason. It is one of the best FREE Coupon & Freebie Information sites on the net. Way over 10,000,000 accesses to The MyCoupons web site is proof that a lot of other people feel the same about the site. The site boasts among other things, 100's of FREE money saving coupons from well known Grocery and Restaurant retailers that are printable on-line, FREE 10 mb e-mail accounts, FREE Chat, Games, Points, Giveaways and more!

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