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Computer Display

200+ Free 3D Wallpapers by PRINZonline
Select from more than 200 unique FREE 3-D Wallpaper designs on this well done German site. All offer are 100% FREE and are sure to liven up your computer's desktop!

TopDesktop.Com - 1000's of Free Themes & Savers
Here's a super well done desktop enhancement site with thousands of FREE desktop themes and screen savers to choose from...updated daily!

Free Saver  - 100's of Free Screensavers!
Visit this outstanding resource for The Web's best FREE screensaver offers. They list over 1,200 Windows screen savers in loads of categories. Every offer has a thumbnail preview and is fully described. These are 100% freeware savers, no Nags & no Shareware!

Screen Saver Share - Free Quality Screensavers
Download FREE quality screensavers sorted in several categories like Animals, Art, Seasonal, Movies and more.. All screensavers come with a formal description, download size and preview to prevent visitors from blindly downloading a screensaver they do not want.

Download FREE Desktop wallpaper to customize your monitor. Themes include animals, flowers, fruits & nuts, people & places, sunrises & sunsets, ocean scenery, seasons and more.

The undisputed KING of FREE and FREE trial offers.  There's enough cool stuff here to keep even the most avid freebie junkie busy for hours!

ROOMS - Free Interactive 3D Desktop Wallpaper
Hey, tired of that boring old wallpaper on your desktop? Then you need to check out the super cool Freeware ROOMS. ROOMS turns your desktop into a 3D world. Just like a 3D game. In effect, you get 3D wallpaper and 3D icons. Organize all your stuff in 3D. Use your mouse for Windows-like action. Use your keyboard for games-like action. Think drive-in wallpaper.

Top Celebs Desktop Themes
If you're into celebrities, you need to check out this well done site that's packed with 100's of cool FREE desktop theme downloads for famous movies, TV, models, musicians and more.

Celebrity Screen Savers
So you're into celebrities huh? Want some really, and we do mean REALLY, cool free celebrity screen savers for your computer? If so, this is definitely the site to visit. Celebrity Screen Savers offers tons of "quality" offers to choose from. Categories include Actor, Actress, Model, Glamour, Music, Sports and Misc. and more.

ScreensaverscOOp.com - Tons of Free Screensavers
Looking for a cool FREE screensaver to add to your desktop? Here's a great site to find them on. Find offers in categories like 3D, Animals, Aviation, Cartoons, Fun, Holidays, Landscape, Movies and more.

Desktopia.com - Free Desktop Screens & Wallpaper
Here's a cool site that offers thousands of free desktop screens and wallpapers in over 30 categories including art, landscape, games, movies, celebrities and many more!

Celestine's Free Desktop Enhancements
This very well done site offers thousands of free ICQ skins, Winamp skins, wallpapers, desktop themes, screensavers, hot bars, yahoo messenger skins, screenmates and fun game files. Many of their offers are unique creations and only found on their site. As if their already great content wasn't enough, they also take requests too!

Desktop-fx - Free Custom Wallpaper
Need some cool wallpaper for your computer desktop? This site serves up over 900 unique high quality images so you can do just that!  Choose from Textures, Nature, 3D, Fantasy and many more.

Always Sports Themes
Visit this well done site for the Web's largest collection of Free sport related desktop themes, wallpaper, screensavers, skins and more!

Digital-Greetings.com - Free Digital Postcards
Send free digital postcards to your friends, family, and co-workers. Choose from over a hundred different cards in many different subjects.

JoBlo's Free Movie Star Screensavers
Loads of high quality FREE movie star screensavers. These are not you're average run of the mill savers. They are actually custom made works of art! The site ads new savers all the time so there's always something fresh offered here. If you're looking to dress up your computer with a really cool saver or two, you need to check out this excellent site!

Free Backgrounds by wunderbar!
FREE unique and kind of artsy backgrounds for your business, computer or personal web pages. These graphics aren't like the usual free stuff you find on the web.

The World of Mimi - Free Scenic Computer Wallpapers
This site offers a bevy of FREE High Quality pictures of Bulgarian landscapes, mountains, lakes, sea and other natural scenes for use as desktop wallpaper or backgrounds.

GfxSolutions.com - Free Desktop Themes & More!
Looking to spruce up the dreary old computer? Visit this excellent site where you can preview and download thousands of free desktop themes, screensavers, internet explorer hotbars, wallpaper, clipart, icq and winamp skins and more! If you're looking for something cool to dress up your systems display, this be the place!

Gianpaolo's Photo Gallery - Free Wallpaper
This site offers a selection of FREE High Quality pictures of Italian landscapes, mountains, lakes, sea  and other natural scenes for use as desktop wallpaper or backgrounds.

Planet3D - Free Software
FREE Very Cool 3D Visualization software and screensavers for Mars, Venus and Earth. Note: All the software on this site requires a fast computer.

Planet-3d.com - Free Computer Wallpaper
Tons of free 3D original computer desktop wallpaper by Phillip Easton. Categories include Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Landscape, and more.

FunSilly.com - Free Holiday Wallpaper
Visit them for a selection of FREE Thanksgiving and Christmas wallpaper for your computer.

Anthony Roach Landscape Photography
Here's a free deal you shouldn't pass up! This site offers 4 FREE Fine Art landscape photography screen savers. All 4 incorporate REALLY beautiful, professionally photographed landscape images. Choose from Coastal Seascapes, Sea Pools, Sydney Millennium Fireworks and/or Macro Images. Can't believe they're giving these away for free- the photography is that good! P.S. The site also offers beautiful computer wallpaper too!

Screens and Themes
Looking for some really cool desktop themes or screen savers for your computer? Screens and Themes is an awesome resource for those and much more. The site is fully categorized and boasts an extensive archive of very unusual and unique themes, graphics and savers.

Vision Scan - Free Wallpaper Images
Hey, looking for some cool wallpaper to dress up that drab computer desktop? Here's a site that offers loads of beautiful FREE wallpaper images depicting space scenes as well as scenes from right here on planet Earth. There's some very cool stuff here - check it out!

T & P SC Free Screen Savers
Looking for a really cool unique screen saver, then you have to visit this site. T & P SC Free Screen Savers is an outstanding resource for 100's of the Webs best free screen saver offers.

Barracuda Backgrounds
Barracuda Backgrounds is a freeware graphics art library of gifs offering downloads of original images, pictures, and designs for Web pages and desktops. Barracuda is dedicated to quality, fast-loading art.

Digital Blasphemy
Are you sick and tired of that ugly boring wallpaper you have on your computer? If you are, you have to check out this outstanding site by a very talented artist named Ryan Bliss. Ryan's site has an incredible archive of original, unique and totally free wallpaper.

ProDraw offers a nice collection of free 3D backgrounds and animations for your Web pages or Windows desktop. These are not collections just gathered from the Web and linked to their site. All of ProDraw's graphics are unique, original and professionally done by their own designers.

Visual Paradox
Want some cool wallpaper for your desktop? This site offers dozens of really cool hi-resolution 3D computer desktop wallpapers and background screens for a variety of platforms, all free for your personal use. The graphics offered here are of very high quality and unique. The site has a well designed layout, easy navigation and fast load times. Well worth a visit if you're looking for some new wallpaper to dress up your desktop.

Wallpaper Web
Want some cool wallpaper for your computer desktop? Look no further that Wallpaper Web. There's a bevy of free wallpaper offers here.

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