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Family.com Recipes With Recipe Finder, you can browse through thousands of recipes in Family.com's cookbook all of which you and your family will love. We have recipes for all types of tastes and families ranging from quick and healthy meals to fancy dishes

Meals.com - Free Membership & Recipe Newsletter >
Like to cook? Sign up for a FREE membership to Meals.com and receive their FREE Whats Cooking ? recipe email newsletter. Plus, browse their database of over 10,000 FREE Recipes and More!

FreeShop - 100's of Free & Trial Offers!
FreeShop is the Web's oldest, most respected FREE and FREE Trial offers site. There are literally thousands of FREE offers here to choose from. Everything from FREE Cooking Magazines to Recipe Newsletters, Crafts, Beauty and Health Items, Kids Stuff and much more!

The Culinary Connection
Here's a very well done free recipe site with over 73,000 offers in 53 categories. The free recipes are fully searchable from the site using a keyword search utility. The site also has an extensive selection of information relating to food and the food service industry in general. In addition, The Culinary Connection has one of the more complete link databases of food sites we've seen to date.

Cajun Cooking - Free Recipes
FREE Cajun recipes, including fish, shrimp, gumbo, jambalaya, and much more!

Down-Home Gourmet - Free Newsletter
This FREE weekly e-mail newsletter offers a simple, tasty, tried & true recipe with cook's comments & nutritional information, culinary terms, fact-filled articles, & more! To subscribe send a message to: DownHomeGourmet-subscribe@egroups.com.

Land O'Lakes - Free Recipe Brochure  
Fill out their form and get a FREE "Share the Secret of Holiday Baking" brochure.

Swanson Broth - Free Cookbook
Fill out their form and get a FREE copy of their Third Edition "Simply Delicious" Cookbook with new recipes and many tips that will be your 'secret' to mouthwatering cooking! Note: hurry, these always go fast! U.S. Only.

Emile Henry Ovenware U.S.A. - Free Recipe Booklet
Fill out their form and get a FREE recipe booklet and catalog. U.S. Only.

Crosby Molasses Co. - Free Cookbook
Fill out their form and get a FREE Cookbook. Canada and New England States Only. Note: For visitors in other areas, the cookbook recipes are available on-line.

Reddi Whip - Free Recipe Book
Print out their form and mail it in to get a FREE "50 Fruit Salute Recipe Collection Book".

All Recipes.com
Here is an excellent recipe and food fact resource. There are over 20,000 free user submitted recipes to choose from here that cover deserts to main dishes. The site allows visitors to print recipes in three formats that include 3x5 and 4x6 cards plus, a full page option as well.

The Recipe Haven
Aptly named, The Recipe Haven offers 5 different Free daily newsletters containing hundreds of TNT recipes, freebies and cooking ideas. It has an extensive sections on holiday recipes, a freebies directory and a discount /freebies mall.

Nabisco Recipes
Offers a monthly Sweepstakes and Recipe Contest. Prizes vary month to month. Visit site for complete details.

Jiffy Mix - Free Cookbook
Register with them and get a FREE Jiffy Mix recipe cook book. U.S. Only.

Here's a well done free recipe site with over 4600 recipes in categories that include Bakers Dozen, Main Course, Back to The Basics, Microwave Cooking, One Dish Recipes, Cafeteria Line, Perfect Pasta, Refreshment Stand, Copy Cat - Restaurant and many more. In addition to the above the site also has an archived database of over 100,000 newsgroup recipes that are searchable by month and day.

Campbell's - Free Cookbook Offer
Allow Campbell's to send an invitation to 5 of your friends to sign up for Campbell's Meal-mail and they'll send you a free cookbook, "Quick and Simple Meal Ideas!"

The Electronic Gourmet Guide
Here's a cool free recipe site with an even cooler free monthly newsletter devoted to food, wine, cooking and fun. E.G.G. was named Winner of Global Network Navigator's Second Annual Best of the Net Awards in the 1995 Food & Wine category. The  newsletter is published on the 1st of every month. The site also has recipe message boards and links to loads of other food resources on the Web.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
Here's a huge well organized site with tons of free recipes and much more. The site Lists hundreds of Mimi's own recipes in a large categorized archive plus, useful information sections on just about every aspect of cooking at home. Jewish visitors will especially like Mimi's Koshar sections. The site also offers a unique greeting card setup where visitors can send recipes to friends in a neat card format.

The Global Gastronomer
This site is devoted to links to recipes, food history, and food lore of all regions of the globe, with the goal of discovering, sharing, and appreciating the diverse tastes of all the world's people.

Hattie's Kitchen
Here's a site that not only offers free recipes, but is also a touching memorial to it's founder. The site was originally done by Susan "Hattie" Steinsapir who recently passed away at a very young age of heart failure. It is now faithfully maintained by her loving and devoted husband Andreas. The site offers many original recipes for Venison, Goat Cheese Torta, and other unusual and exotic foods.

Turkish Cuisine
Excellent site with many free recipes and information for and about Turkish Cuisine. In addition to being the refined product of centuries of experience, Turkish Cuisine has a very pure quality. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients are guarantees of delicious meals!

The Balti Page
Balti is a style of Indian cooking that is prepared in a Wok like pan. This site offers up loads of Balti recipes along with a section that details this unique cuisine including it's history and origin.  The site hasn't been updated in a while but there are still many good recipes to be found here.

Bangkok Cuisine's Spice Market
If you love Thai food then you are going to love this site. The site offers many useful tips on Thai cooking, an array of free Thai recipes and a complete list of Thai and Chinese ingredients. 

Now You're Cooking!
Now You're Cooking! is an excellent recipe/menu/shopping list database for Windows. It lets you organize your recipes by category or in whole cookbooks, then prepare shopping lists from your weekly menu plan. You can plan your shopping trips by supermarket aisle and summarize the cost of the list. A friendly Windows interface and Quickfill data entry with an available expanded format help you to enter large recipes. You can illustrate your recipes with most graphics formats, plan menus, check nutritional value, build your grocery list, print menus to Avery 3x5 cards, associate shopping lists with menus, and exchange your favorites on disk or through the Web. The program even has a place to list your coupons and zips your cookbook when you're done. Note: Win 9.x, NT4 - Download Size: 4.66 MB

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