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Free Backpack & 8 Story Books For ONLY $1.99!
FREE Dr. Seuss (tm) & His Friends backpack PLUS 8 storybooks for only $1.99! A $75 total value. Kids who start out with Dr. Seuss and his friends learn to love reading very early on. They love the colorful illustrations, laughable and lovable characters like Dr.Seuss's Cat in the Hat, Marc Brown's Arthur and the Berenstains'Bears!

4 Audio Books For Only 1˘ at Audio Book Club!
No time to read? No problem! Enjoy John Grisham's latest book on the ride to work, get some advice from John Gray or Suze Orman, or let Stephen King tell you a bedtime story. And here's the best part - you'll get 4 audiobooks for 1 penny when you become a member of the Audio Book Club! Don't miss out on this great deal.

FREE Investment Book and Audiotape From National Coin and Currency, Inc.
Trading Foreign Currency Options. Learn About Unique Opportunities That Now Exist In 'Significantly Undervalued Currencies! Get your Free Investment Book and Audiotape from National Coin and Currency, Inc. today!

Are you a paperback book junkie? If you are, chances are good that you're sitting on top of an avalanche of used paperback books and wondering what to do with them all. Here's a great book exchange service where you can unload all those used books and pick up some new ones. Best part is, all you pay is shipping on the books you select. Better yet, if you send them enough used books, you'll earn credits to cover your shipping costs too!

FreeShop - 100's of Free & Trial Offers!FreeShop is the Web's oldest, most respected FREE and FREE Trial offers site. There are literally thousands of FREE offers here to choose from. Everything from FREE Books to Software, Magazines, Crafts, Kids Stuff and much more!

Help Me Be Good Book Club - Free Book & Tote Bag
Fill out their form and get a FREE "Help Me Be Good Book" and a FREE character tote bag. No Credit Card needed.

Bridge Publication - Free Book
Take their short survey and get a FREE copy of "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard.

Celexa - Free Woman's Health Book  
Fill out their form and get a FREE book on woman's health that Rosie O'Donnell called "An Owners Manual For The Female Body". U.S. Only.

Get One Free Book Now, and Get 6 More Later for 99 Cents!
Mystery Guild offers a vast selection of mystery and suspense titles with up to 60% off publisher's edition prices! Order online- there are no cards to return! Get one FREE book now, and get 6 more later for 99 Cents!

Wings Webguide  
Wing's Web Guide is a PAPER BASED directory of Internet Web sites printed semi-annually and mailed FREE, to Web surfers. Fill out their from and get your FREE copy.

Dream Dragon Stories - Free Kids E-Picture Book
Dragon publishing specializes in promoting the 3-E's: Education, Entertainment & Empowerment for kids! They are offering a FREE downloadable children's E-Picture Book, "An Adventure In Dreamland", featuring the Dream Dragon and 4-year-old cancer survivor Dakota Ortiz. This is an entire viewing experience, with audio, animation and much more! The site also offers a FREE printable coloring book, contests, fun recipes, advice columns and much more!!

Free Book Summaries
Have a free summary of a well-known personal development or business book emailed to you every month.

Over 250 Free e-Books
Offers loads of FREE downloadable e-Books in subjects like Self Help, Making Money, Saving Money and more.

bFreeCentral - Free Book
Fill out their form and get a FREE book "101 Things You Can Get For Free'.

Get 4 FREE Issues of U.S. News & World Report
US News & World Report provides you with groundbreaking investigative reports, weekly expert analysis, news you can use, and special annual guides. Get 4 FREE trial issues with this special subscription offer. If you like what you see, you'll pay just $15.00 and receive 22 additional issues (26 in all)-a savings of over 80% off the newsstand price. If not, mark 'cancel' on the invoice and the FREE issues are yours to keep. Subscribe today!

Bucknall's Refuge - Free Student e-book
Hey Students! Just in time for "Back to School"...visit this site and download their FREE e-book..."How to Succeed as a Student". The book includes info on ways to Improve your learning skills, Study efficiently, Save time for a better social life, Improve exam results and Score higher grades in college. For grades 11-12. 214 pages.

Together Dating - Free Dating Book
Together®s mission is to provide single adults with the opportunity to meet compatible single adults through a membership program that is safe, sensible, and fun. Fill out their form and get a FREE Dating Book, "Let Us Introduce You" ($19.95 value).

Crosby Molasses Co. - Free Cookbook
Fill out their form and get a FREE Cookbook. Canada and New England States Only. Note: For visitors in other areas, the cookbook recipes are available on-line.

Federal Consumer Information Center - Free Book
Fill out their form and get a FREE copy of the new 2001 Consumer Action Handbook. The 148-page Handbook (formerly the Consumer's Resource Handbook) is full of helpful consumer tips for things like buying a car, financing a home, protecting your privacy, avoiding fraud and more! U.S. Only.

North American Certified Trading - Free Quarter Board
Register with them and get a FREE Quarter Board for protecting and displaying the new U.S. state quarters. U.S. Only.

Christian Science - Free Booklet
Fill out their survey and get a FREE Booklet "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard.

Bible Info.com - Free Bible Study Guide
This is a timeless 254 page Bible Study Guide Book that you and your family will treasure for years. More than 2 million copies of this book are in print! Fill out their form and request yours. U.S. & Canada only.

United Health Foundation - Free Book
Fill out their form and get a free book, entitled "Be Happy Be Healthy", features 25 fun and easy tips, and is filled with simple activities that can lead to wonderful habits.

Arthritis Connection
Fill out a form on this site and get a free copy of "Managing your Arthritis" from Searle!

Plough Publishing - Free E-Book
"ENDANGERED", a new book by J.C. Arnold (163 pages), calls on parents to take control over the many damaging influences in today's society affecting their children. The book is available for free download and can read using the Glassbook or Acrobat Reader.

The Money Paper - Free Issue
This free 21 page booklet contains information as to the best ways to slash the cost of investing.

Work From Home
Contemplating a career at home but don't know where to start? Visit this site for a  free "Work From Home" book that lists ideas and information.

The Ultimate Philosophy
This free online book sets forth a practical and realistic method for making a better world, a Utopia for all.

Fill out a form on this site to request a free paperback book "God's Power for Fathers".

Electronic Text Center
Awesome free digital reference resource form the University of Virginia. The Electronic Text Center's holdings include approximately 45,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in twelve languages, with more than 50,000 related images that include book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects and more!

Diabetes Village
Are you a diabetic? Visit this site to get a Free B-D Delicious Desserts Cook Booklet, which provides enjoyable recipes designed for people living with diabetes.

Do you travel out of the country? This site offers a free travel translator booklet in your choice of 6 languages.

Faygo is offering a free 48-page full-color Recipe Book with over 90 great recipes to celebrate their 90th Anniversary.

Face Facts
Looking to get your acne problem under control? Go to this site and request their free acne Information kit.

The Online Books Page
Read free books on-line! Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania this site lists a huge database of over 10,000 free digital online books. Almost every subject category covered here!

The World of Islands
Request free brochures about more then 130 islands from around the world, directly from the different Tourist Boards. More are coming soon.

Joy 92
Apply at this site for a chance to win one of their monthly book giveaways. Various titles and subjects. One winner per month selected at random.

The Puzzle Club
Hey mom, do your kids like puzzles? Visit this site to get a free copy of "The Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery" 80 page novel - suitable for ages 7-11.

Wings Web Guide
This site offers a free copy of Wings Web Guide, a paper based directory printed semi-annually and snail mailed free to Web surfers.

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