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Family.com CakeFinder
With the Cake Finder, you can make your child's birthday extra special with one of our terrific cakes. Our cakes range from dinosaurs to swimming pools and there are simple instructions for 36 of the most spectacular cakes your child has ever seen...or eaten!

100's of FREE money saving coupons from well known Grocery and Restaurant retailers that are printable on-line, FREE 10 mb e-mail accounts, FREE Chat, Games, Points, Giveaways and much more!

Get loads of cool money saving coupons for food items and more at this outstanding site. Best of all, all membership is 100% free and all coupons are printable right from your computer!

Lose Weight Online.com - Free Green Tea Samples
Register with them and get a FREE Green Tea sample pack. Note: 25 sample packs given out daily selected at random from registrations. U.S. and Canada Only.

Colorado Buffalo Salt - Free Sample
Sign their guestbook and share a recipe and they will send you a FREE sample of their Colorado Buffalo Salt with is a mixture of specially selected salt, spices and jalapeno peppers. Yum!

Yogi Teas - Free Sample Club
Join the FREE "Yogi Tea of The Month Club" and once a month you will receive in the mail two FREE samples of one of their herbal teas plus, a money saving coupon. U.S. Only.

Signature Brands Cake Mate Birthday Club
Register for the FREE Cake Mate Birthday Club and receive a special surprise from Cake Mate on your birthday!

Sweet One Sugar Substitute - Free Sample
The manufacturer of this product says "Sweet One tastes like sugar and doesn't break down in heat so you can cook with it." Fill out their form and get a FREE sample U.S. Only.

Watkin's Soup - Free Sample 
Send them and e-mail for instructions on how to get a FREE sample of Watkins Beef Soup. U.S. and Canada Only.

Caribbean Cake Connoisseurs - Free Sample
Home site of the world's most delicious fruit-based gourmet rum cakes! Fill out their form and get a FREE sample. U.S. and Canada Only.

Fleurisson Production Wine Jellies - Free Sample
Fill out their form to get a FREE sample and special introductory offer kit.

Great Coupon Freebies on FreeShop!
FreeShop offers over 75 great coupon deals every month! With FreeShop coupons you can save loads of money on everything from food to on-line shopping to restaurants...and every coupon is 100% FREE!

Iron Works - Get Free Product Samples to Taste Test
Iron Works Gas Grills is looking for "Taste Testers" for their product line. All you need to do is promise that you'll write back to them with your views on the products they send out. Fill out their form or call them at (1- 800 - 811-9890) to be considered for the program. Note: The site states that they can't guarantee that you'll be chosen for the program, because they try to make random samples for valid statistical purposes. U.S. Only.

HotTexas.com - Free Hot Sauce Sample
Send them a SASE #10 (business size) and get a FREE sample of the best habanero powder on earth and the world famous recipe for H.O.T Sauce.

Top Qualitea Tea - Free Sample 
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample from this Indian exporter of Superior Darjeeling tea.

Pulse Natural Snack Food - Free Sample  
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of Pulse all natural snack food. U.S. and Canada Only.

Coffee Bean Trading Co. - Free Samples  
This site offers a wide variety of coffees from around the world. Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of one of their specialty coffees. U.S. Only.

Toana Island Spices - Free Sample
Register with them and get a FREE sample of their Island Spices. U.S. Only.

Blue Tea - Free Sample
Blue Tea is made from Palo Azul, the 'Blue tree' of the Maya, which is rich in antioxidant Blueness that is sweet, without calories. Fill out their form and get a FREE sample.

Fresch Mints - Free Samples
Send an SASE to [FRESCH Free Sample Offer, 12238 Germany Rd., Fenton, MI 48430] and get 5 FREE sample packets of Fresch Mints. U.S. Only.

Mrs. Cubbison's - Free Turkey Stuffin Sack
Send them a SASE (with 44 U.S. postage) and get a FREE Mrs. Cubbison's Stuffin' Sack..."The EASY Way to Stuff and "Un-Stuff" Your Holiday Turkey".

Catnip Cafe - Free Tea Sample
Catnip Tea has been used in England for years as a herbal supplement. It has many health related benefits. Send an SASE to Catnip Cafe, PO Box 170, Lake Errock, BC, Canada, V0M 1N0. to request a FREE sample. Visit site for further details. U.S. Only.

Parentudes - Free Bubble Gum
Sign-up for their newsletter and get FREE  bubblaloo Gum. Hurry supplies are limited.

Stay-Thin.com - Free Recipes - Food Facts & More
Looking for FREE diet information and recipes? This site offers FREE dietary advice, low fat recipes, a powerful food database with nutritional information on thousands of food types, exercise tips, reports and a lot more.

Go4Java.com - Free Coffee Sample
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample package of their gourmet coffees. U.S. Only.

Prpwine.com - Free Bottle of Wine
Fill out their form and get a FREE personalized bottle of wine. Note: U.S. Only. Offer NOT valid in the following states: AZ, CN, GA, KY, MA, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, SC, TN, TX, & VA. Also note: In California and Michigan, state law requires a nominal charge for the wine gift. See site for complete details.

Farm 2 Market.com - Free Seafood Lottery
Every month, F2M holds a drawing to award an order of their featured seafood of the month, absolutely FREE-of-charge. Just fill out their form to enter. U.S. Only.

Island Organics - Free Dried Bananas Sample
Fill out their survey and get a FREE 1 oz. sample of their delicious dried bananas. U.S. Only for form. (Other countries must e-mail them or call their 800#...see site for details.)

Revolution Tea Company - Free Sample
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of Red Hawaiian Tea.

Treattrolley - Free Gourmet Candy
This site offers loads of yummy gourmet candy for sale. For every 10th person that registers at their site, they will send them a FREE box of candy.

Natural Herbs - Free Tea Samples
E-mail them for a FREE Sample of either LiFiber & Classic Natural Tea Or Nature's Tea. U.S. Only.

Free Sample of "Sweet One" Sugar Substitute
Fill out their form and get a free sample of Sweet One, a sugar substitute that "tastes like sugar and doesn't break down in heat so you can cook with it." U.S. only.

FREE Nescafe Coffee
Register at the site and get free samples of that great tasting Nescafe Coffee. U.S. Only.

Jelly Belly's
One of the hottest free offers on the Internet. You have to be lucky to get this one as they only give away 500 per day. We've never been one of the lucky ones but know many people who have.

Jordans Cereal
Fill out their form and get a free sample of Morning Crisp cereal.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather
Another one you have to be real lucky to get in on. Free sample giveaways are limited to 50 per day.

Ratings Wonders
This site asks that you visit one of their listed online stores and submit a review to them. After you do, you can request a free pound of Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

Diet Coke Rewards
Coke is offering free rewards points when you buy Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Visit the site for more details.

Butter Buds
Fill out their form to get free sample of their low-fat butter substitute. U.S. Only.

Get a free sample of Nusalt Salt Substitute by filling out their form. U.S. Only.

Get a free sample of Saco Cultured Buttermilk Blend by filling out their form. U.S. only.

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