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Live Universe
Attention Webmasters! Chat rooms are a great way to build a loyal visitor base for your Website. How would you like to have a free chat room of your own to enhance the content on your site? Now you can with Live Universe! And best of all it's a simple as clicking a few buttons, answering a few questions and pasting some simple code into your Webpage(s). Live Universe even hosts your free chat room so you never have to worry about using your own bandwidth. Visit Live Universe today for all the details on getting your free chat room!

EZchat.net Free IRC Chatting Service
This chat community is based on a real-time environment. It is most widely known as Internet Relay Chat (IRC). This service is FREE and easy to use. From business to personal use, this chatting environment can be used for a variety of means. The service offers a variety of options and help for any beginner.

Freetown is a free, popular and fast growing virtual community site on the Web. They offer *Freetown citizens 15mb's of Web space and on-line tools to create it. As with any good virtual community, chatting is one of the main features and Freetown has done an admiral job in this category. Their chat rooms are divided into neighborhood's that include subject interest headings. Freetown is one of the cleaner chat services we've seen and they try and keep tabs on offenders by enlisting volunteers they call "Freetown Cops" from their citizen member base. All in all this is a nice independent virtual world and chatting service and worth your time to check out.

KidChatters is no-nonsense chat service for kids 6 to 12 years old providing a safe, clean, and friendly chat environment.

CyberGrace Christain Network
Pardon our blasphemy. CyberGrace is heaven on-line for Christians! The site has tons, and we do mean TONS of cool stuff to offer Christians young and old alike. Including an excellent monitored chat service that's easy to set up and use. If you're a Christian and looking to further your faith on-line or just have some fun, we highly recommend a visit to this excellent site!

Dynamite site for Christian teens, Christianteens.net has everything from Bible to music chats to a great YouthSearch service. (a search engine devoted to youth).

On Chat
Are you looking for something different in a chatting service? This site definitely fits the bill. OnChat is a free graphical chat community where like traditional chat, you can meet people and make friends, join a discussion or create your own. But that's where the similarities stop. Graphical chat adds a new dimension to traditional chat in that the experience is much more visual. Chat rooms are pictures, not text. A small graphic, called an avatar, represents each user and the chat room is actually a graphic scene that you set up. We likened it to chatting from inside a virtual comic book. Each room member has there own custom avatar character and when you type to chat, it shows up in a comic book like word bubble next to the character. It all boils down to a very innovative and very cool chatting experience.

Christian Youth Chat
Here's a relatively new site dedicated to Christian content for teens. It also includes a chat room.

Active Worlds
Outstanding free virtual world site. Has hundreds of existing 3D virtual worlds to visit and explore. Chat with other members in their world or you can build your own complete with custom avatar's a house and your own personal neighborhood. This is an extremely cool site and a must visit for experienced virtual world junkies and newbies alike. Note: the service does require that you download their free software package to use it.

SPIN Communications
Offers different chat options to choose from called "Channels".  The site has two different versions of chat available and options for adding a chat room to your Website.

Christian Chat.com
Outstanding moderated Christian chat service with many room categories to choose from like Christian Dads, Christian Moms, Christian Teens, Home School, Christian Kids, Bible Talk, Christian Singles and more.

The Born Again Network
The Born Again Network is a very well done Christian chat system that is heavily moderated so that users of all ages can enjoy chatting on IRC through mIRC or the World Wide Web with other Christians. The site states that they "try to operate the system as if it were an online church". Chatting is moderated by Christians and three pastors. The service offers nightly online prayer, and a weekly bible study. The service does not allow secular channels to be created.

Here's a very popular freeware chat and messaging communications suite. PowWow now has over 8 million users. The software offers real time one to one audio and text chat with no need to have a static IP. It has a conference mode that will support up to 50 users plus, file transfer, web cruising, and much more. PowWow's new version even supports voice communications with slower modems. Note: Currently PowWow will not work with AOL. Click here to download PowWow. Win 9.x, NT4, Download size 3.5 MB

A no-nonsense chat service that provides clean, safe, and friendly chat rooms for all members of the family. Chatters provides chat rooms that can be trusted by you, your kids and teens.

A Singles Christian Network
Offers moderated chat rooms for Christian singles. A Singles Christian Network was founded in 1991, and today is one of the largest computerized introductory services designed exclusively for Christians. Since 1991, they have received countless letters telling of new romances, engagements and marriages. Through their service, thousands of single Christians have expanded their social circle and found wonderful new Christian friends, romance and yes, excitement! Chat rooms are divided into four sections which include General, Ages 18 to 35 and Ages 35+.

Abbott Chat
Abbott Chat is a very cool Private Chat and Instant Messaging software program. It offers many useful user defined options that make it a very functional and flexible chat platform. Abbott is offering a free demo download of the software on their site.

ChitChat! is a freeware text-based chat program for Windows 95 or NT that allows multiple users to converse in real time as long as both parties have the software installed. It is compatible with the standard UNIX talk protocol, and the Ytalk program on the UNIX platforms. ChitChat! is free to all academic and noncommercial home users.

V4 Chat
V4 Chat is a Win95, text oriented LAN (Local Area Network) based Chat tool. It allows you to send messages to others across a local network, not on the internet. You can open as many simultaneous chatboxes as you like and you can send private messages too. Note: This is not for Internet users!
Click here to download V4 Chat. Note: Win 9.x, download size - 253KB (zip format)

Here's another LAN based freeware messenger utility. RealPopup, is a freeware utility conceived to replace the old Winpopup messaging application supplied with Win3.x and Win95, as well as the standard messenger service on Windows NT and 2000. RealPopup features include full windows (32 bit) integration, direct click on any hyperlink typed or received, custom option settings including hot keys, allows HTML mark-up in messages and much more. If you currently use Winpopup, RealPopup is a super replacement utility to communicate over your local network. Note: This is not for Internet users! Click here to download RealPopup. Win9.x, NT4, Win 2000, download size - 950KB

Yahoo! Chat
The directory of directories offers hundreds of chat rooms to choose from. Chat right from your browser window. No software to download.

Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging program like ICQ and AIM. With News, Sports, and Stocks tabs. Now supports voice chat. Note: Java and Wireless versions also available. Win 9.x, NT4, download size - 874 KB

AOL Instant Messenger - AIM 4.3 - Free Download
Get AOL latest and greatest instant messenger software that now includes tons of new features. This is still the most popular instant message chat system on the "Net. Note: AOL also now offers an instant messenger that is completely Web based (e.g., no need to download any software - see site for details). Download it for FREE at AOL. Win 9.x, download size - 2.3 MB

Chatter Box
Chatter Box is really a review and rating service for free chat services. The site lists about 20 (at last count) chat services in a table format on their home page. The table has the chat service link, a short description, a note on how busy it currently is and a rating from 1 to 4 stars (with 4 being the best). The chat service link takes you another dedicated page where the service actually loads inside their site. This page also offers a more detailed description of the service that includes information about it's speed, overall quality and more. Chatter Box is not the most eye appealing site on the Web but it's a useful service for chat junkies and well worth their time to visit.

Microsoft Chat 2.0
Micro(monopoly's), err, we mean (soft's), entry into the on-line chat arena has hundreds of choices available for chat junkies including the ability to set up your own virtual community.

XiRCON offers an excellent freeware IRC Chat client that supports connections to multiple servers at once all without launching a separate copy of the program. Other features include timestamp toggle, and instantly clickable URL hyperlinks.

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