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Free Pet Guide on CD-ROM!
Bringing the love of a pet into your home is rewarding. Taking care of your pet is hard work. Your FREE Pet Guide will provide you with the information and resources you need to keep your pet a happy, healthy member of the family. Fill out their form and get a FREE Pet Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

HappyPetNet - Free Pet Treats For Life!
Join their PawPot biscuit of the Month club...tell them what type of pet(s) you have and they'll send you FREE Pet Treats once a month FOR LIFE! U.S. Only.

FREE Family Information Newsletters
Get FREE STUFF, hot deals, special offers and information on the topics YOU want to hear about delivered to your inbox including loads of pet info! You pick YOUR interests and start receiving information on things important to your family today. The best free info and deals on pets, health, travel, sports, shopping, computers and much more by email.

The undisputed KING of FREE and FREE trial offers.  There's enough cool stuff here to keep even the most avid freebie junkie busy for hours!

FreeShop - 100's of Free & Trial Offers!
FreeShop is the Web's oldest, most respected FREE and FREE Trial offers site. There are literally thousands of FREE offers here to choose from. Everything from FREE Stuff for Pets to Magazines & Newsletters, Crafts, Kids Stuff and much more!

Pine Fresh Natural Cat Litter - Free Sample
Pine Fresh cat litter is made from 100% natural pine wood. No chemicals are added and it can be safely recycled into your garden as a mulch, flushed down a toilet or placed in your regular garbage. Fill out their form and get a FREE sample. U.S. Only.

Mighty Dog - Free Sample
Register with them and get a coupon for a FREE can of Mighty Dog canned dog food. U.S. Only.

Bil-Jac Pet Food - Free Sample 
Each day Bil-Jac offers a limited number of large, FREE samples of their pet food products to visitors who have signed their guestbook. U.S. Only.

Cool Savings offers a bevy of great money saving coupons for 100's of items...including pet supplies... all from well recognized companies you know and trust! All are printable on-line and 100% FREE!

Fancy Feast - Free Can of Cat Food 
Register with them by filling out their survey and get a FREE can of Fancy Feast Cat Food. U.S. Only.

Puppy Dog Web - Free Magnet  
Send then an SASE and get a FREE Puppy Dog Magnet U.S. Only.

Halo - Purely for Pets - Free Samples
Halo offers a full line of Grooming Aids, Vitamin Supplements, and Health Care Products for Cats & Dogs. Plus, Healthy all natural food for Birds. Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of either 7th Heaven Catnip or Vita Dreams Daily Greens. U.S. Only.

Majestik Muttwear - Free Bumper Sticker
Fill out their survey and get a FREE "I Love My Mutt - and my mutt loves me" bumper sticker. U.S. Only.

Friskies HealthierCat.com - Free Sample & Coupons
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of Friskies Canned Cat Food and money saving coupons to boot. U.S. Only.

IMPROVE Dog Food Supplement - Free Sample
IMPROVE is a dry, granular food supplement which has been formulated to help correct your dog's skin and coat problems. Fill out their form and get a FREE taste sample.

HighHopes Petfood - Free Sample
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of their dog or cat food.

Power Paws - Free Sample
Power Paws, is a super-nutritious pet food supplement. Send them a Post Card and get a FREE sample. See site for complete details. Note: A free sample of Power Paws is a ¼ cup powdered portion, enough for six to ten meals, depending on your pet's size and appetite. (We think this is U.S. & Canada Only...although the site does not specify.)

Purina® - FREE Incredible Puppy Care Kit
The Web's premier Pet Freebie site...Purina®, is at it again! Fill out their form and get a FREE Incredible Puppy Care Kit that includes a video and booklet that will help you learn about: General Puppy Care, Training, Nutrition, Veterinary Care, Problem Solving. Offer Expires 12-31-2001 or while supplies last. U.S. Only.

Pet Saver Coupons.com - $250 In Free Pet Coupons
Fill out their form and get a FREE coupon book valued at $250.00 U.S. The coupon book has loads of freebies like Bandanas, Magazines, T-shirts and more. U.S. Only for free book. Non U.S. $2.95 S&H.

Tri-State Pets - Free Bird Toy
E-mail them your address and get a FREE Bird Toy and Product Catalog. Note: Use "Contact Us" link at top of page.

Vita Gravy - Free Dog Treat
Register your dog for the Vita Gravy birthday club and get a FREE treat on it's birthday. Also money saving coupons on Vita Gravy for dry dog food.

Broadway Pet Feed - Free Screensaver
Download a FREE pet screensaver. No purchase necessary.

Purina Cat Chow - Free Magazine
The KING of "Pet Freebies" is at it again! Fill out their form to get a FREE issue of Pet Life magazine. U.S. only.

Here's a really fun site that offers some interesting freebies for anyone who loves dogs. You can send a FREE Doggy Postcard, enter their Funny Dog Contest and win treats for Rover, download a FREE original Funny Dog Screensaver, take a "real time" on-line snapshot and more.

Purina O.N.E. - Free Magazine & Trial Offer
Get a FREE special edition of Discover Purina O.N.E. magazine. You’ll receive your magazine along with a customized trial offer, good toward your first purchase of Purina O.N.E.

Free Samples of Bone Appétit Pet Food
If you're a pet owner and live in the Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley's of California, fill out their survey and get FREE samples of Nature's Select - Super Premium Pet Food. Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley, CA area only.

Merritt Naturals Pet Nutrition - Free Samples
Merritt Naturals goal is to provide your dog or cat with the nutritional elements they need to maintain optimum health. Fill out a short form and free samples of their products.

Pets Welcome
Traveling with a pet has always presented a problem, especially when you have to find a place to stay for the night. Here's a great site that has a database of hotels and motels that will accept pets. Now you AND Rover can get a good nights sleep!

PictureTrail - FREE On-line Photo Album
Show off your pet(s) to the world! PictureTrail is a fun and easy to use FREE on-line picture album with tons of very cool features. The free service has many custom settings including the ability to upload multiple pictures at one time, midi music, free digital post cards using your own photos, stats tracking so you can see who and how many visitors have viewed your photos and much more! Pet lovers will enjoy posting photos of their pride and joy's for the whole world to see!

AcmePet offers tons of free information on the care of pets from the standard domestic variety to the exotic. The site also includes free pet chat rooms and message boards.

Purina - Free Essential Kitten Care Kit
Fill out their form and get a FREE kit that contains a Music CD, Photo Frame, Kitten Care Book and Coupon.

Fill out their form and get a free sample of ALPO, the only dry dog food that contains whole chicory root, a highly effective and natural prebiotic that promotes your dog's digestion and overall health.

Select The Best
If you own or train horses, here's a site that develops optimal nutritional products and programs for them. Fill out their form and get a free sample of their nutritional food supplements. Lots of free info here too!

Feline Paine
Fill out their form and get a coupon for a free 4lb. bag of pet bedding.

The Pet Channel
Here's a very well done pet site with tons of free information, chat rooms and a free Pet Horoscope page.

Pet Market
Another well done pet site with free chat, massage boars and tons of free information for pet owners including a helpful "Pet Tips" section.

Got a new puppy and aren't sure how to train it? Here's a nice site with general information and tips to help you.

Folks, the Purina site is pet freebie nirvana. They are constantly offering a bevy of great freebies for pet owners. Examples of current and previous free offers are Pet Calendars, Pet Safety Kits and loads of free Product Samples, Coupons and Free Trial Offers.

Information on pets, classifieds and more.

WWW. Names For Pets
Here's a fun site with well over 7,000 names for pets listed. They even have Hawaiian pet names. "Here Tippykalunahanihonilua" Must be getting late  :-)

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