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T & P SC Screen Savers
This very well done site offers tons of free cool Christian screen savers that you can download and use on your computer. These are not just average run of the mill savers. Everyone is unique and and has a polished professionally done look to them. Dress up your system by visiting T & P SC today and downloading your favorites!

Gospel for Asia - Free Book
Fill out their form and get a FREE Christian book on missions.

Free Custom Christian Audio Tape For Terminally Ill Child
This site will create a FREE custom audio tape for a terminally child with information you supply. Also FREE Christian Icons, Real Audio files and more.

Bible UK.com - Free "Zipped" King James Bible
Bible UK offers a great Bible study resources page with FREE articles, literature, downloads, e-zines and more. Plus, you can download a full King James version Bible in "Zip" format that you can load into your word processor.

Urban Ministry - Free Christian Books & Audio Tape
Visit this Lutheran outreach site and choose from two FREE books "So You Prayed for a Miracle..." or "Real Men" or a FREE audio tape "Hey Girlfriend".

Free Sermon Tapes & Gospel Printed Literature
Get FREE sermon audio tapes, gospel printed literature (tracts, booklets, pamphlets, whole & NT Bibles) Foreign Language literature provided if needed.

Free Bibles - Over 100 Christian Freebies
Christian freebies! Choose from over 100 Christian Bibles, Books, Scripture & Ministry Tools. Note: You may choose one (1) item for free. Other selections require a donation. U.S. Only.

Living Word - Free Christian Book or Audio Tape
Fill out their form and get your choice of a FREE Book or Audio Tape as an introduction to The Living Word.

OnePlace.com - Free Devotional Book!
Fill out their form and get a FREE book - "Strength for the Coming Days". This book can help you enrich two key areas of Christian devotion: consistent and effective prayer, and knowledge of the Bible. U.S. and Canada Only.

Free Recovery Version Bible
Bibles for America (BFA) is a non-profit organization that distributes FREE Recovery Version Bibles as well as Christian literature throughout the United States. Note: Look for the "Ordering Information" link on site.

FaithAvenue.com - Free Christian E-cards
Free Christian Humorous E-Cards, light up someone's life with a little spiritual humor.

Antioch Bible Church - Free Audio Tape 
Fill out their form and get a FREE "Have No Fear" cassette tape. Have No Fear is a powerful and motivating message about facing fears and how God wants us to overcome those fears. U.S. Only.

HopeNet - Free Book - Secrets Of Peace
Fill out their form to get a FREE copy of "Secrets of Peace". The book will take you on a treasure hunt through God's Word, uncovering priceless gems of hope and encouragement. Its 31 pages are filled with beautiful scenes from nature and precious promises from the Bible.

Bible Info.com - Free Bible Study Guide
This is a timeless 254 page Bible Study Guide Book that you and your family will treasure for years. More than 2 million copies of this book are in print! Fill out their form and request yours. U.S. & Canada only.

CyberGrace Christian Network
Pardon our blasphemy. CyberGrace is heaven on-line for Christians! The site has tons, and we do mean TONS of cool stuff to offer Christians young and old alike. Including an excellent monitored chat service that's easy to set up and use. If you're a Christian and looking to further your faith on-line or just have some fun, we highly recommend a visit to this excellent site!

Timothy Mark - Free Christian Music CD's
Fill out their form and choose from three different CD's...The Missing Part [Full length vocal project from 1995]...The Nature of Love [Full length instrumental project, hymns and worship choruses]...The Church Across the Street [Radio Release single with performance track].

Dynamite site for Christian teens, Christianteens.net has everything from Bible to music chats to a great YouthSearch service. (a search engine devoted to youth).

Christian Shareware
Here's a very well done shareware site that offers up tons of cool Christian Games, Bible Software, Reference Tools and much more. All offers have good descriptions and list download size.

Christian Youth Chat
Here's a relatively new site dedicated to Christian content for teens. It also includes a chat room.

Christian Chat.com
Outstanding moderated Christian chat service with many room categories to choose from like Christian Dads, Christian Moms, Christian Teens, Home School, Christian Kids, Bible Talk, Christian Singles and more.

ChildTel Ministries
ChildTel Ministries offers free Bible lessons in the mail. They have lessons designed for all age groups from pre-school through adult. If you would like to learn what the Bible has to say about God and about His love for you, simply send your name, address and age along with a large SASE to:
ChildTel Ministries
11 Mt Pleasant St
Woburn MA 01801
Note: you can also sign up using their on-line form.

The Born Again Network
The Born Again Network is a very well done Christian chat system that is heavily moderated so that users of all ages can enjoy chatting on IRC through mIRC or the World Wide Web with other Christians. The site states that they "try to operate the system as if it were an online church". Chatting is moderated by Christians and three pastors. The service offers nightly online prayer, and a weekly bible study. The service does not allow secular channels to be created.

A Singles Christian Network
Offers moderated chat rooms for Christian singles. A Singles Christian Network was founded in 1991, and today is one of the largest computerized introductory services designed exclusively for Christians. Since 1991, they have received countless letters telling of new romances, engagements and marriages. Through their service, thousands of single Christians have expanded their social circle and found wonderful new Christian friends, romance and yes, excitement! Chat rooms are divided into four sections which include General, Ages 18 to 35 and Ages 35+.

Proclaim - Free Christian Booklet 
Fill out their form and get a FREE booklet "At Jesus' Feet" by Dr. Joseph Stowell. U.S. Only.
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