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this is a free stuff site specifically targeted at college students. The site features things such as essays, notes, campus jobs, discounted textbooks, and more.

is your New Year's Resolution to find a better job? Jobs Online is an online resource for employment and career information. Post a resume, review salary information for thousands of jobs, & take a job aptitude test just to name a few of the services. All absolutely FREE.

If you are a recent graduate or young professional collegexit.com can assist you on all levels of decision making in the real world including jobs, cars, insurance, loans, finance, computers, and travel. College seniors can participate in online exit interview counseling to educate themselves on their student loans. You can also enter for free to win a weekly $5000 scholarship.

4 Free Stuff
With over 65 categories of free stuff this site is the leading free site on the web. You won't beleive the amazing samples and other free stuff you can find here at no cost to you.

Visa Futurecard
A special offer that allows you to apply for an unsecured credit card for free. Perfect for those who want to establish or re-establish good credit.

Funny Videos
this site features lots of funny videao, caricatures, games, animations, and more.

It's Free 4 U.Com
this site features over 50 categories of freebies screen savers, games, graphics, font, product samples, Windows applications, utilities and more.

Free Job Listings and Resume Submissions
this is a career building site for college students. They have a national database of internship and post graduation employment opportunities, along with all the advice and information you need to hit the world running after graduation!

Academic Tips
This web site contains tips and tricks to help students manage the time, take better notes and study more effectively, work on memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life.

Freebie Finders
Come here for hundreds of freebies from samples, to contests, to email, and magazines.

Net1st Mastercard
Are you looking for a way to establish credit and help alleviate past problems? Then apply with the card that accepts over 95% of its applicants. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Student Advantage.com
A college student's dreamsite! You can apply for the student advantage card, which saves you tons of money on cool stuff in your area, as well as major corporations such as Amtrak, Foot Locker, and more! Plus, you can do lots of other cool stuff at their site, such as getting free e-mail or building your own free homepage.

Free Money For College
- A collection of free scholarship search engines and databases, together with free e-books on financial aid. This repository of free online resources will get you started in your search for College money.

the host of the popular MTV call in relationship show is offering free condoms for qualified applicants. Must be 16 or over in the continental USA.

Free Channel
Browse a list of free goods and resources including free samples, t-shirts, CDs, greeting cards, and screensavers to download. Also features contests and chats.

College Dining
this nice looking site provides you with comprehensive local dining information at every major college town. You can search for restaurants, grocers
, convenience stores and more, stay in and cook for yourself using the recipe section, or save money by checking out their coupons. Join for  free and be automatically entered for our weekly drawing for the free College Dining Snack Pack.

Freebie Finders
Come here for hundreds of freebies from samples, to contests, to email, and magazines.

Apply CD of College Applications
This is a nice CD of College Applications. You can also download the software. An absolute must for those in the College Admissions Game.

StudentMarket.com: Student Credit Cards
Provides student credit card education and offers a selection of secure on-line student credit card applications.

Net1st Mastercard
Are you looking for a way to erase past credit problems? Then apply with the card that accepts over 95% of its applicants. The application is completely free and your privacy is guaranteed.

FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search Service
Here you will find information on up to 2,000 sources of scholarships and it won't cost you a cent to search or browse them!

American Consumer Opinion
This program is a great way to earn some EASY cash. Simply sign up and tell them about your lifestyle. Then from time to time, you will receive surveys that are geared towards you. The best part is, you are payed real cash for each survey that you fill out. (Usually between $3-$25 per survey). Best of all, you'll hear from them often. A top program.

If you have ever needed free financial advice and info. This is the place to go! They offer info on such items as Student Financial Aid, loans, credit cards and more!

"Chicky" handles the problems here. Ask a chick whatever you want! (Note: There are sexual questions in nature here, but everything is handled professionally. Absolutely NOT porn!)

NPD Online Research
By signing up with NPD you will earn points and prizes by taking simple surveys. If you sign up now, you will be entered into a contest to win $1000. This looks like a winner.

Admissions Essays.com
The leading online customized writing assistance service and a top source for FREE personal statement development resources. This full-service academic resource site is dedicated to helping college, Graduate School, MBA, Law School, Medical School, and other professional school applicants develop and perfect their personal statements to increase their chances of getting a top position!

This site offers a collection of essays that will offer some ideas for you to get writing. It features a search, as well as a place for teachers to let students know that they've been there.

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