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Family and Home

Family.com Home Page
Family.com is one of the best online resources for family related information and activities. Family.com has everything for the family, parents and kids. Baby Name Finder for expecting parents, Recipe Finder for the cooks of the house, Travel Planner for those planning a family vacation, as well as features and reviews of the newest toys, video games and movies for children, Craft Finder and fun activities for that rainy day and much more. It is a complete online family resource.

Housewares, Home Electronics, Toys, and more...Hundreds of Name Brands...All Free, or nearly so, after rebate! Click Here!

coolsavings.com Cool Savings.com
Get loads of cool money saving coupons for tons of family & home items and more at this outstanding site. Best of all, all membership is 100% free and all coupons are printable right from your computer!

Free Sample of Silkies Pantyhose
Fill out their form and get a FREE sample of Silkies pantyhose in your choice of six colors. Silkies is the pantyhose of choice for discriminating women. Once you've tried them you'll wonder how you ever wore anything else!

Quicken - Free 60 Day Trial!
America's # 1 personal finance software! Quicken 2001 Deluxe helps you better manage the 7 key areas of your finances. Try it FREE for 60 days!

Sweet One Sugar Substitute - Free Sample
The manufacturer of this product says "Sweet One tastes like sugar and doesn't break down in heat so you can cook with it." Fill out their form and get a FREE sample U.S. Only.

Free Home Guide on CD-ROM!
Buying and selling your home is both exciting and a little stressful. Your FREE Home Guide system will provide you with the information and resources you need to make your move a little bit easier and a lot more organized. Fill out their form and get a FREE Home Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

RIRRC.org - Free Educational CD-ROM
Fill out their form and get a FREE copy of "Recycling to the MAX" and educational CD-ROM that teaches your family the values of recycling. U.S. Only.

FREE Issue of Home Business Connection Magazine!
Get the next issue of Home Business Connection Magazine free of charge! Each Issue Contains: Over 50 little known money-makers that you can operate from home, 8-10 real-life success stories from average people who are becoming RICH from home and MORE! There's no catch and you will NEVER receive a bill!

Morning Glory Seed Co Free Seed Offer
Send them a SASE and get 100 FREE seeds. Choose from Snapdragon - mixed colors, Zinnias - purple, Marigolds - mixed colors, Baby's Breath - white.

Free Toddler Guide on CD-ROM!
Welcome to the excitement and tantrums of toddler life! Your FREE Toddler Guide will provide you with the resources you need to nurture your little one as you continue to grow and learn about the world together. Fill out their form and get a FREE Toddler Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Dialfreecalls.com - They'll Pay YOU to talk!
Dialfreecalls.com is the only site that pays you to talk. Imagine you get 2.5 hours of long distance FREE every month just for signing up with absolutely NO fees. All calls are carried by MCI/WORLDCOM and not over the Internet so they're crystal clear. Credit cards are NOT required. Sign up now it's FREE!

Catalog Request Center - 100's of FREE Catalogs!
Absolutely the very best free catalog site on the Internet! The site offers hundreds of FREE catalogs from Automotive to Sports and Recreation. All catalog offers are broken down into main subjects and then again into sub categories. Crafts would be the main subject and the sub categories would be Embroidery, Needlepoint, Woodworking etc. Catalog Request Center allows you to have total control over the catalogs you want. This is FREE catalog heaven folks!

Stay-Thin.com - Free Recipes - Food Facts & More
Looking for FREE diet information and recipes? This site offers FREE dietary advice, low fat recipes, a powerful food database with nutritional information on thousands of food types, exercise tips, reports and a lot more.

EARN points, Get FREE stuff: Get Paid by My Points
Get great, free rewards every time you are online! Visit a Web site - earn Points. Read email - get more Points! Earn Points for travel, recreation and merchandise from name-brand merchants.

HappyPetNet - Free Pet Treats For Life!
Join their PawPot biscuit of the Month club...tell them what type of pet(s) you have and they'll send you FREE Pet Treats once a month FOR LIFE! U.S. Only.

Iron Works - Get Free Product Samples to Taste Test
Iron Works Gas Grills is looking for "Taste Testers" for their product line. All you need to do is promise that you'll write back to them with your views on the products they send out. Fill out their form or call them at (1- 800 - 811-9890) to be considered for the program. Note: The site states that they can't guarantee that you'll be chosen for the program, because they try to make random samples for valid statistical purposes. U.S. Only.

E.D. Foods - Free Soup!
E.D. Foods is one of the oldest and most respected soup and condiment base manufactures in North America. They are offering free samples of their great tasting soup products. These are NOT just piddley little packet samples! They are a FULL POUND EACH! There is a $2.50 ($3.50 in Canada) shipping and handling fee on this offer, but trust us when we say, it's WELL worth it!

Joann Ross
Send them a SASE and get a free refrigerator magnet and a package of Douglas Fir seeds.

Free Pet Guide on CD-ROM!
Bringing the love of a pet into your home is rewarding. Taking care of your pet is hard work. Your FREE Pet Guide will provide you with the information and resources you need to keep your pet a happy, healthy member of the family. Fill out their form and get a FREE Pet Guide CD-ROM! For Win 9x, NT4.

Free Film Developing at PhotoWorks.
Everybody loves pictures! Now you can share yours with friends and family from all over the world. Send your finished roll of film to PHOTOWORKS.COM, along with your free processing certificate. You'll receive a link, via email, to your photos, plus a full set of 3.5 x 5 ' or 4 x 6' prints and free email sharing. Send your friends and family the link and everyone can view your pictures. What a great way to keep in touch! Order today!

Jelly Belly's
One of the hottest free offers on the Internet. You have to be lucky to get this one as they only give away 500 per day. We've never been one of the lucky ones but know many people who have.

GE - Free Water Test Kit
Do you know what is in your water? Fill out their form and get a FREE water test kit and find out. U.S. Only.

Letter4Free - Free Letter Service
Register with them and you'll be allowed to send one letter a day for FREE by regular U.S. Mail!

Lucite - Free Test Kit
Fill out their form and get a Free, (no-obligation) Bath Test Kit. U.S. and Canada only.

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